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Not all Alarm Systems are created equal.  Some integrate into existing Automation Systems, while others do not. Some even have proprietary system platforms that only use their own specific programming that only allows for their own in-house updates and service.

Sheer Security can look at your existing system and let you know what type of system it is compatible with, allowing you to make informed decisions on what alarm system you would like, so you can integrate pre-existing sensors and panels if possible or update to newer technology.


Just like alarm systems, monitoring services are not created equal.  Response time is paramount.  During an alarm, our monitoring service will call within the seconds, beating typical, well known security carriers by a full minute in many case.

Another aspect of Monitoring is location of dispatch sites.  We only use monitoring services that are out-of-state, giving peace of mind to our customers that their security passwords and codes are not compramised by a stranger a few miles away.  



Cameras vary in quality, Intelligence and resolution. We install bank and casino grade cameras, not the "baby monitor " style that ADT and many of the national companies use. These cameras are low in resolution, and very easy to disable and overcome. Depending on the circumstances, the use of better cameras can offer an extra deterrent to criminal activity or simply keep a watchful eye on the family dog with great hardwired reliability.  Our selection of cameras varies widely to guarantee the best performing camera for each individual case.


Another component to camera systems is how they record.  Some areas should only record motion while others record around the clock.  Whether it's commercial or residential we will help pick the right recording style for you.



As Smart Home systems gain in popularity, security systems should not be left out. We can integrate the ever so popular Control4 system for the most luxurious smart home experience out there. If you don't have Control4 don't worry we can install that too.  


Learn more about Control4 here...


If whole home control is not something you want, we are partnered with and features some of the most sophisticated home automation without purchasing a multitude of gadgets.  Though not as robust, you can still control your alarm system, lights, garage, and thermostat from anywhere in the world.


Learn more about here...



We offer packages that fit almost anyone's needs in regards to security and protection.  If you want a simple alarm system that calls the authorities when in need, we can provide a simple easy to use solution. If you want full access to your home while away, we can provide that too. Aging in place, we help there too! Not all packages are one-size-fits-all. Let us help you pick the monitoring and control suitable to your needs. Call or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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